The Great Deception (Part 2) Chad Cronin | Revelation 13:11-18
In this sermon on Revelation 13, the focus is on the second beast and its purpose to establish Satan’s kingdom through deception and false worship. The false prophet, as the second beast is also known, uses signs and wonders to deceive people and demand worship for the first beast. The sermon emphasizes the importance of testing everything we hear and the need to walk in the Spirit, allowing God’s grace and guidance to lead us. It concludes with the assurance that as believers, we have the true advocate, the Holy Spirit, who seals us with the love of Jesus and gives us true knowledge and assurance of eternal life. Go to Sermon
Thorny Treasures Chase Comeaux | Mark 8:27-37
In this sermon on Mark 8, we explore the concept of taking up our cross and following Jesus, understanding that the thorny ways of following Him are treasures that lead to eternal life. Go to Sermon
The Miracle of Baptism Chad Cronin | Acts 10:44-48
In this sermon on Acts 10:44-48, the speaker highlights the miracle of baptism. He emphasizes that baptism is a declaration of our new identity in Christ and a visible manifestation of God’s grace. The sermon also emphasizes the impartial nature of baptism, as it is open to all who believe in Jesus. Finally, it emphasizes that baptism is a command that we must obey, and that it can only be fulfilled by the power of the Holy Spirit. Go to Sermon
Genuine Repentance Chad Cronin | Proverbs 28:13
In this sermon, the speaker contrasts the lives of King Saul and King David to highlight the importance of genuine repentance. While Saul concealed and justified his sins, David humbly confessed and repented. The sermon emphasizes the need for believers to be tenderhearted and repentant, while also seeking Christ-centered community for support and accountability. Go to Sermon
Kingdom Clarity Chad Cronin | Psalm 90
In this sermon, the speaker discusses the importance of seeing God as our dwelling place and finding the purpose and meaning of life in Him. He emphasizes the need to number our days and live with wisdom, to use our hands for the work of God in our families, in the local church, and in reaching out to non-believers. Go to Sermon
God’s Great Story Chad Cronin | Revelation 12:1-6
In this sermon on Revelation 12, we explore the symbolism of the woman and the dragon and the role of God’s people in His grand story. We are reminded that history is not about people, but about God and His glory. We are called to embrace our role in God’s story and live for His glory. Go to Sermon
Stress: The Tyranny of the Urgent Chris Price | Mark 1:21-39
In this sermon, we discuss the importance of abiding in Christ and His Word in order to live a focused life and avoid the stress of the urgent. Jesus is our example, and through dependence on Him, we can find true freedom and accomplish the Father’s will. Go to Sermon
The Prayer of Faith Chad Cronin | Luke 18: 1-8
In this sermon on Luke 18:1-8, the speaker encourages believers to pray always and not lose heart, emphasizing the importance of persevering prayer. He challenges the audience to examine their view of God and reminds them of God’s character as a loving and listening Father. The sermon encourages believers to slow down, prioritize prayer, and pray with faith and desperation. Go to Sermon
The Glorious End Chad Cronin | Revelation 11:15-19
In this sermon on Revelation 11:15-19, we learn that our worship should be characterized by thankfulness and a commitment to labor for God. Go to Sermon
The Two Witnesses Chad Cronin | Revelation 11:1-13
In this sermon on Revelation chapter 11, the speaker discusses the preservation of God’s people and the power of the Spirit in their lives. Go to Sermon