The Finished Wrath of God Chad Cronin | Revelation 15:1
In this sermon on Revelation 15, the pastor focuses on the wrath of God and the urgency to repent and turn to Him. He emphasizes the importance of hating sin as much as God hates sin and the need to actively make disciples and share the gospel. The sermon concludes with a call to action to live a holy life and reach the lost. Go to Sermon
Easter: Cause for Weeping Chad Cronin | Luke 23:26-31
In this sermon on Luke 23, we are reminded of the true significance of Easter and the power of the cross and resurrection to save and transform our lives. Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross were a choice he made to save sinners and destroy the power of sin and death. Easter is a celebration of God’s grace and our salvation through the finished work of Jesus. We are called to weep for our sin and repentance, but also to rejoice in the comfort and new life found in Christ. Go to Sermon
A King Like No Other Chris Price | Mark 11:1-11
In this sermon on Palm Sunday, Chris discusses the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, focusing on the account in Mark. Jesus enters the city on a donkey, fulfilling prophecy, and is greeted with shouts of praise and honor. However, the people’s understanding of the kingdom Jesus came to establish was different from what Jesus had in mind. The sermon concludes with a call to repent, believe in the gospel, and live lives of sacrificial obedience as followers of the King. Go to Sermon
Love Your Enemies Chad Cronin | Romans 12:14-21
In this sermon on Romans 12:14-21, Chad explores the challenging command to love our enemies, bless those who persecute us, and not repay evil for evil. He emphasizes that through the power of the cross, we can supernaturally love and forgive others, and that our response to mistreatment reflects the difference Christ has made in our lives. Go to Sermon
Genuine Zeal Chad Cronin | Romans 12:11
In this sermon on Romans 12, Chad emphasizes the importance of zeal in the Christian life. He encourages listeners to have genuine zeal for the Lord and to not be slothful in their devotion. He also provides five practical ways to keep zeal for the Lord alive, including gratitude for the cross, relying on the Holy Spirit, realizing the privilege of being used by God, recognizing the shortness of time, and desiring the reward from the Lord. The sermon highlights the importance of serving the Lord diligently in personal holiness, in relationships within the home, and in the local church. Go to Sermon
The Fruit of Genuine Love Chad Cronin | Romans 12:9-10
In this sermon, Chad emphasizes the importance of genuine love for God, which is seen in having a brotherly affection for fellow believers and a hatred for evil. He highlights the need to hold fast to what is good and to be bound closely to the truth. The cross of Christ serves as a reminder of God’s love and truth, which should shape our lives. Go to Sermon
The True Vine Chad Cronin | John 15:1-12
In this sermon on John 15, we are called to abide in Jesus, the true vine, and bear fruit. The sermon emphasizes the importance of repentance, the fruit of the Spirit, and good works as evidence of our connection to Jesus. It reminds us to stay in the Word and cultivate word ministry in our lives. Go to Sermon
Authenticating Your Identity Chad Cronin | 1 Peter 2:9-10
In this sermon on 1 Peter 2:9-10, Chad emphasizes the importance of authenticating our faith in Christ. He highlights the contrast between ethnic and spiritual Israel, urging believers to have a genuine desire to follow and obey God. He also emphasizes the importance of proclaiming the excellencies of Christ and living a life that reflects our new identity in Him. Go to Sermon
Life Together: Revisited Chad Cronin | Psalm 133:1-3
In this sermon on Psalm 133, we explore the importance of unity and community among believers. The psalmist uses similes to describe the beauty and life-giving nature of dwelling together in unity. We are reminded that true community is found in Christ and that it is necessary for our spiritual growth and well-being. Go to Sermon
The Linchpin of Love Chad Cronin | Romans 8:18-28
In this sermon on Romans 8:18-28, the pastor discusses the linchpin of love, emphasizing that the love of God holds everything together in the Christian life. He highlights the promise of future glory, the intercessory prayer of the Holy Spirit, and God’s ability to work all things together for the good of those who love Him. Go to Sermon