The Honest Life Chad Cronin | Matthew 5:33-37
In this sermon on Matthew 5:33-37, Jesus emphasizes the importance of living an honest life before God and others. He warns against making vows and oaths lightly, reminding us that our words carry weight and should reflect God’s truth. Jesus calls us to deal in truth with all people and to seek the welfare of others above personal gain. Ultimately, an honest life can only be lived in and through the person of Jesus Christ, who is the embodiment of truth. Go to Sermon
The Consequence of Desire Chad Cronin | Matthew 5:27-32
In this sermon on Matthew 5:27-32, Jesus talks about the consequences of sinful desire, particularly in relation to sexual sin. He challenges his followers to take sin seriously and to take drastic measures to avoid it, even going so far as to say it is better to cut off a body part than to allow sin to lead to hell. He also addresses the issue of divorce, emphasizing that God’s intention for marriage is a lifelong commitment and that divorce should only be considered in cases of sexual immorality. Overall, Jesus calls his followers to a higher standard of devotion and purity in their relationships. Go to Sermon
Know God Chase Comeaux | Psalm 145
In this sermon, the speaker explores the importance of being a word-saturated people and the role it plays in evangelism. Using Psalm 145 as a starting point, the speaker emphasizes the need to know God and His splendor, His shepherding hand, and His saving love. By knowing God deeply, believers can effectively share the gospel and make Him known to others. Go to Sermon
Purity of the Church Chad Cronin | Jude 17-25
Jude encourages believers to stay strong in the faith, contend for the purity of the Gospel, and show mercy to others. He emphasizes the importance of being built up in the Word and praying in the Holy Spirit. Go to Sermon
The Purity Of The Gospel Chad Cronin | Jude 1-7
In this sermon, Jude urges his audience to fight for the purity of the Gospel and the integrity of the Christian faith. He warns them about false teachers who manipulate and pervert the grace of God. Jude draws parallels between the sins of the angels and the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, emphasizing the grave consequences of disobedience and sin. He calls believers to live in remarkable obedience and contend for the faith. Go to Sermon
Sovereign Chad Cronin | Acts 4:23-31
In this sermon on Acts 4, the preacher discusses the theme of life not going the way we want it to and the importance of trusting in God’s sovereignty. He emphasizes the need for believers to be informed by God’s Word and to trust in His control over all things. Go to Sermon
The Better Covenant Chad Cronin | Hebrews 8:6-13
In this sermon on Hebrews 8:16-13, the speaker discusses the better ministry and covenant that Jesus offers. He emphasizes the importance of living an active life of obedience to God and reminds listeners that Jesus is with them in their struggles. The sermon encourages believers to savor and dwell on the truth of who Jesus is, find rest and security in Him, and live with joy and peace. Go to Sermon
The Heart Of God Chad Cronin | Jonah 4:1–11
In this sermon on Jonah chapter 4, the preacher talks about possessing the heart of God and loving others God’s way. Go to Sermon
Come and Drink Chase Comeaux | John 7:37-39
In this sermon on John 7:37-39, the speaker discusses the invitation of Jesus to come and drink from the fountain of living water and find true satisfaction and fulfillment. Go to Sermon
Holy Reverence Chad Cronin | Ecclesiastes 5:1-3
In this sermon on Ecclesiastes chapter 5, the preacher emphasizes the importance of living in a holy reverence of God. He encourages the congregation to listen to God’s word, speak few words before Him, and align their desires with His will. The sermon highlights the need to be mindful of God’s greatness and to approach Him with awe and humility. Go to Sermon